Why Real Fur?

Posted on November 20 2016

We have been asked a lot: Why should I choose Real Fur over Faux Fur?

Authentic fur products became one of the main trends of an upcoming season. Those who appreciate a right balance of comfort, unique style and high quality may enjoy all the advantages of real fur.

There is nothing what can keep you warm in a freezing cold weather, but an authentic fur hat with ear flaps. You ask why? The answer is simple and lies in a special design of a hat and qualities of real fur.


Windproof qualities

  • The hat with ear flaps, also known as a ‘trapper’ or ‘aviator’ hat, fully covers ears and neck giving you extra comfort feelings in windy weather. Ear flaps can be easily pulled down over the ears when necessary. Moreover, unlike faux fur, the authentic one lets your hair and skin breath keeping your head in warmth.


Waterproof qualities

  • Authentic fur never soaks through and easily gets dry even in low temperatures. Thus, it is considered as one of the most reliable headgear.


Comfort and Style

  • Traditionally Rabbit Fur is thought to be one of the most gentle, soft, and practical type of fur;
  • It is extremely light (8-10 oz.) You have enough weight on you during the winter;
  • With proper care it can serve you for 5-7 seasons or more;
  • In addition to durability, it has very stylish outlook for affordable price;
  • Finally, because of natural components, it never creates static effects and keeps your haircut intact. 



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